Color Multifunction Printer

Product Highlights

Fastest MFP in Its Class
At 40 color prints and 33 color scans a minute, this is one of the world's fastest legal color digital MFP's.

More power and storage simplify document handling
With an 800 MHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and a generous 160 GB hard drive, your prints and scans will be easy to process, store, navigate, and protect. The strength of this MFP's features and processing power make it suitable for the most demanding of office environments.

Real-Time Collaboration delivers consistent color
Our Real-Time Calibration Technology ensures that your documents are printed using a consistent high color quality. However, when dealing with important documents that require special attention, users can optionally choose to manually define the level of color quality used on their documents.

Network-ready for demanding workloads
You can print, scan, and even fax* through your IT network within minutes without disruption to your working day. And with one highly capable device taking care of the largest workgroups and departments, all you'll notice is that more work is getting done.

Easy Color management
Easy Color Manager allows users to easily adjust color balance, brightness, contrast, and saturation of any image that you view on your monitor. It is especially useful when you have specific color preferences, or when your company has rigid branding color requirements.

Auto Color Detection
Select the optional Auto feature and your printer automatically determines which documents to print in color or in black and white.

Consistent color printing with Samsung's Easy Color Manager
Handle the demands of premium quality 9,600 dpi resolution with ease. The Easy Color Manager and enhanced CTD sensor combine to ensure that color output is always clear, sharp, and professional.

Power Save mode saves energy and money
Power Saver helps you reduce the power consumption by 80%, saving you on energy costs. Plus it already uses 20% less energy than an average 11X17 digital MFP, making it much more eco-friendly and cost effective.

Convenient USB printing
With the Direct USB port located on the front of the device, just below the operating panel, you can print right from a USB memory key, or scan from the device and take your documents on the go.

Secure Confidential Prints
With the integrated keypad and built-in support, you can print sensitive or confidential data securely. The printer can hold jobs in memory until a Pin key is entered to release the job, away from prying eyes. You can ensure that personal print jobs remain personal. And best of all, this feature comes standard, without the need for other expensive solutions or print servers. You can even upgrade your memory to enable your entire workgroup to use this secure feature.

Low Cost, Low Impact on the World
Save toner, paper and energy with ease - it's good for the environment and it's good for your business' profits. Being economical and printing vibrant colour documents goes hand in hand with the CLX-6260FW.

Accessories & Supplies

  • FDI Kit (SCX-KIT20F)
  • 1GB Memory (CLX-MEM400)
  • Fax Kit (SCX-FAX210)
  • Optional 520sheet Cassette (SCX-S6555A)
  • High Capacity 2,100-Sheet Feeder (SCX-HCF100)
  • 1-Bin Finisher (SCX-FIN11S)
  • 2-Bin Finisher(SCX-FIN20S)
  • 4-Bin Mailbox (SCX-MBT40S)
  • Staple Cartridge Refill (SCX-STP000)
  • Short Stand (SCX-DSK10S)
  • Tall Stand with Storage Cabinet (SCX-DSK10T)

  • Supplies
  • Black Toner(CLX-K8540A)
  • Cyan Toner (CLX-C8540A)
  • Magenta Toner (CLX-M8540A)
  • Yellow Toner (CLX-Y8540A)
  • Black Drum (CLX-R8540K)
  • Cyan Drum (CLX-R8540C)
  • Magenta Drum (CLX-R8540M)
  • Yellow Drum (CLX-R8540Y)
  • Waste Toner (CLX-W8380A)
  • Maintenance Kit A (CLX-V8380A)

  • Replacement Parts
  • Fuser(JC96-04867A)
  • Transfer Cartridge(JC96-04601A)
  • Photo Sensor (0604-001415)
  • PBA Engine (JC92-02195A)
  • Contact Us for More Parts